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Escape Room: The Game – Puzzle Adventures: Secret of The Scientist

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Identity Games
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Number of Players 1-2
Playtime -
Suggested Ages 16+
Designer(s) N/A
Publisher Identity Games

In a mansion at the edge of town, a security alarm is going off. As the rookie police officer, you've been asked to investigate. Inside the mansion, you discover the body of a woman, murdered, and another shocking fact: the front door—and all other doors in the house—cannot be opened from the inside. You are locked inside this obscure mansion with a corpse, no door handles and no obvious way out... Your only hope is to escape. In this Escape Room-meets-jigsaw puzzle board game, players must solve the riddles in order to earn new puzzle pieces and unlock new rooms. It's your only way to exit the game, the mansion, and survive.

Thanks to the box's clever advent calendar design, you solve one large puzzle, the mansion, by completing 5 separate puzzles (the rooms). Read the story, then solve the riddles and earn your puzzle pieces — and your eventual escape!

Play with or without the pressure of counting time. Feel like being put to the penultimate test? Set a time limit for your escape. If you prefer to pace yourself, forget the clock and take your time to discuss the mystery and solve the puzzle at a more leisurely pace.

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