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The Networks

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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Gil Hova
Publisher Formal Ferret Games

In The Networks, you and the other players are new television networks, and you need new programming. For this, you'll require Shows, Stars, and Ads.

Shows require Stars and Ads. Stars give you bonus viewers worth points, and Ads give you extra money. You'll need everything you can get your hands on; you'll have limited resources and time, and you must grab the latest hot show before your opponents.

And some Stars will give their best effort only if you fulfill their conditions. For example, some Stars only want to be in dramas. Some want to be the only Star on the show. Similarly, your Ads will give you the most money only if you put them on in the correct time slot.

Finally, Shows age and viewers lose interest over time, so you have to keep your line-up fresh by canceling shows and sending them into reruns. Fortunately, you can still get viewers from your reruns, and you'll get bonuses if you get a lot of shows of the same genre throughout the game.

If you need an extra special push, Network Cards can give you special powers — but will a Network Card be better than another action? You'll have to make that decision.

The person with the most viewers after five seasons wins!

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