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Stop Thief!

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Restoration Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Rob Daviau, Robert Doyle, Justin D. Jacobson
Publisher Restoration Games

An alert pops up on your phone: A crime has been committed! Grab your investigator's license and your keen powers of deduction and track down the suspect. But watch out because you're not the only private eye on the hunt, and only one of you can slap the cuffs on the suspect and get the reward. Get enough reward money, and you can finally leave this rat race behind and retire to a sunny beach in the Caribbean.

Stop Thief is a family game of deduction for 2-4 players. An unseen suspect commits a crime. Only the noise they make give them away. Listen to the clues and work out where they are hiding. Play cards from your unique deck to get around the board, sneak through a window, or even get a private tip. Once you have the suspect pinned, swoop in and make the arrest.

The obvious first step in this game restoration was taking the electronic device and turning it into an app. Doing that allowed for better sound quality and a more dynamic platform for different modes of play. The next step was ditching the roll-and-move mechanism and, in general, stripping out some of the luck and adding in a healthy dose of strategy. By replacing the dice with decks of movement cards, it also allows for asymmetrical decks, which increases the fun and replayability. Game effects were also added to the suspect cards to make things even more interesting.

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